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Cutting grass correctly is a science in itself. Various factors contribute to a clean cut and correspondingly good mowing results. The first fundamental decision to make is which mower or mowing technology best suits for your needs. You should only mow your lawn with equipment that meets your safety and mowing requirements. It is clear in this context, that high quality and sharp blades cut the grass cleaner than a blunt cutting unit or a rotary mower. Additionally, using inferior blades can cause damage to the turf and make mowing more difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, you should always mow your lawn with a high quality cutting unit, and be sure to select the proper mower for your needs. The right season (spring) must be considered for the initial cut. The correct cutting height should also be selected. Do not cut the grass too short, since that can have a negative affect on the growth. It is much better and gentler to cut the grass in several mowings at various time spans.