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Z Sickle Bars

Cutter bar "Z" 114.****

Specific features: Guide 332.3500  Barback is Z-shaped

Special features
Robust designSpecially shaped barback for consumer use
Long service lifeHigh-quality tempered knife sections.
Maintenance-friendlyQuick and simple knife changes through special guide elements attached simply with screws
Lean constructionOptimal grass discharge
Comfortable handlingMaintenance and service with only basic skills and without special technical knowledge
Environmentally friendlyLow power consumption – Protection of microbes
Mowing for everywhereThe ideal and reasonably priced cutting machine for annual use that is necessary yet not heavy
Sample applications
Technical data
Cutting width0,61 m - 0,71 m - 0,81 m - 0,91 m
Knife pattern50,9 mm
Strokeca. 55 mm
Double stroke count per 1 meter of mow path20
Double stroke count per minute950 - 1100
Power consumption per 1 meter of cut ting widthabout 2,8 kW
Annual useabout 10 - 15 operating hours
Driving types and attachments

A versatile range of driving types and attachments make a wide spectrum of uses possible.Tailored for customer-specific solutions.

Operating manuals
Operating manualsZ Sickle Bars 9020070ba.pdf