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Horse drawn precission cutting double-knife mower

Cutting System Double Blade „ bidux“ 120. ****

Specific features:Top blade: Guide armBottom blade : Guide arm

spezifische Merkmale:Obermesser: Führungsarm Untermesser: Führungsarm, Kugellagerführung

Special features
Robust designFor professional use.
Strong mowing performanceHigh mowing speed and broad cutting width.
Long service lifePPatented ESM Carbodux® knife sections.
Minimal maintenanceAdjustment of the lower guides not necessary.
Lean constructionBest suited for special uses.
Comfortable handlingVibration-free action – no clogging.
Environmentally friendlyLow power consumption – Protection of small organism.
Improved mowingClean fodder for healthy livestock.
Mow anythingThe professional mowing system for all applications in the area of fodder harvesting and special harvesting technology as well as for a wide range of other special uses.
Sample applications

Mowing Hay with Horses I & J Ground Driven Sickle Bar Mower

I&J Ground Drive Forecart with ESM BIDUX double sickle application

I&J Ground Driven with ESM BIDUX PTO

I&J Precision Cutting Sickle Mower

Bob's donkeys mowin with ESM BIDUX double sickle application

Horse Progress Days 2012

GroomingPasture I&J Ground Drive Forecart and ESM Bidux double sickle application

SI&J Ground Drive Forecart single axle wth ESM Bidux

I&J Ground Drive PTO Cart with ESM "bidux" double sickle mower

Mowing Hay with a Horse Drawn Mower

Arbeitspferde in der Landschaftspflege

Gespannmäher - Pferdezug Zweispännig mähen mit ESM BIDUX

Driving types and attachments

A versatile range of driving types and attachments make a wide spectrum of professional applications possible.

Technical data
Width of cut1 m to 2,75 m
Section pattern70 to 84 mm
Mowing speed3 to 11 km
Double stroke count per minute800 to 1400
Stroke – Top blade42 - 60 mm
Stroke – Bottom blade30 - 48 mm
Power consumption per 1 meter of cut ting widthca. 2,2 - 2,5 kw