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Watermaintenance Mowing Boats, Slope Mowers and Amphibic Vehicles

Cutting System Double Blade "biduxES" 120.****

Specific features: Bottom knife Guide armUpper knife Guide arm with upper and lower spring

Special features
Robust designProfessional technology for daily use in the toughest conditions.
Long service lifePatented ESM Carbodux® knife sections..
Minimal maintenanceQuick and simple knife changes, knife removal from the front by means of an up-tilting swing arm. Knives guided by spring-loaded swing arm.
Lean constructionBest suited for special uses above water and underwater.
Comfortable handlingMaintenance and service require little know-how..
Environmentally friendlyMinimal power consumption.
Underwater cuttingThe ideal cutting equipment for professional maintenance of dikes, canals and river banks.
Optimal adjustmentAll cutting systems are designed and built to match exactly the requirements of the mowing boat producer.
Sample applications


Herder Cavalier MBK411

Herder Mähkorb

Herder Mähkorb mit Hitachi 210

Mecalac 12 MXT mit Herder Mähkorb

Mähkorb - Herder

Berky 2200 Böschungsmäher

Driving types and attachments

A versatile range of driving types and attachments makes a wide spectrum of uses possible.Tailored for customer-specific solutions.

Technical data
Width / height of cut of the U Cutting Systemup to about 3 m x 2 m
Width / height of cut of the T Cutting Systemup to about 2.5 m x 2 m

Other technical data according to the individual customization