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Chiron FZ 18 L starts working operation January 2nd, 2006

Everything works according to our schedules! New high speed machining center "Chiron FZ 18 L" starts working operation January 2nd, 2006

Today we are very happy to report, that our new high speed machinery center „Chiron FZ 18 L „ could be intergrated into our work flow process at the 2nd of January 2006. The setting up procedure as well as the putting into working operation went without any problems exactly according to the planning of our technical staff.

Just as durable as operator-safe the manufacturing center of the series FZ 18 L offers highest achievement and precision as homogeneous operational principles. Equipped with most modern controling systems also difficult tasks will be solved with outstanding quality results.

Apart to the confession to the location Ennepetal ESM want’s to point out the central interest to be rcognized as a manufacturer and an offerer of high-quality products.