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Cutting technology and cutting elements

Carbodux® knife sections

Specific features:Patented production process

Special features
Robust designPatented ESM double sections
Long service lifeCARBODUX® technology means mowing longer without sharpening.
Minimal maintenance„CARBODUX® technology offers 85 percent longer service life.
Work economicallyCARBODUX® technology means increased performance without increased costs
Individual serviceThe original ESM mowing knifes are manufactured by ESM’s industrial and commercial partners exactly according to specifications. Every customer request is implemented and attended to in the shortest possible time in specially designed, CNC-controlled drilling and processing centres. ESM’s production and planning systems allow manufacturing in both big and small runs. Consistent quality monitoring, combined with constant research and development in modern materials and tempering technologies, guarantee highly wear-resistant sections and mowing knives. Our decades-long experience in the cutting and mowing field is the basis for the ESM solutions that are available in all application areas of oscillating mowing and harvesting technology, both above water and underwater.
Sample applications
Technical data
Width of cut and constructionaccording to the individual customization
Other technical dataaccording to the individual customization