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Hedge Trimmer

Special Cutter Bar Hedge Trimmer "C" 100. ****

Specific features:Guide 267.0830 ( 332.2050 with 30 mm screws)  Bar sections screwed onto the barback

Special features
Robust designFFor professional use in gardening and landscaping.
Long service lifePatented ESM Carbodux® double-knife sections, robust double bar sections.
Minimal maintenanceEPrecise screw-attached knife guides for simple maintenance and simple knife changes.
Lean constructionFor special uses in hedge trimming and brush cutting with branches up to 25 mm thick.
Comfortable handlingMaintenance and service with only basic skills and without special technical knowledge.
Environmentally friendlyMinimal power consumption.
Clean cuttingThe ideal cutting equipment for hedges and brush. The combination of serrated bar sections and smooth mowing knife sections guarantees a razor-sharp clean cut for branches up to 25 mm thick..
Sample applications

McConnel Swingtrim with ESM hedge cutting application

Technical data
Section division50,9 mm
Width of cut1,22 m, 1,48 m or 1,78 m
Double stroke count per minute600 - 800
Double stroke count per 1 meter of mow path14
Working pressure200 bar