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The ESM ESM_CaneThumper_Logo powered by high qualtity, heavy duty implement carriers.

The only one who cut’s it!
Special features
Robust designFor professional use. (Patent protected)
Excellent cutting performanceHigh harvesting speed.
Improved cuttingClean base cut and no stool damage.
Long service lifePatented ESM Carbodux® knife sections resistant against foreign obstacles like stones ect.
Minimal maintenanceLow blade speed; minimal blade wear; easy replacement of knife assemblies.
Comfortable handlingVibration-free operation.
Environmentally friendlyLow power consumption.
Safe handlingZero-second-safety-stop for drive mechanism; foot protection guards
Easy handlingCuts even on slopes (up to 55%/25° continously // 80%/35° intermediate); Cuts lodged cane, cuts green cane
Videos : CaneThumper®

CT cutting USDA United States Department of Agriculture

ESM CaneThumper SoyabeanCutting

ESM CaneThumper Orchard Cutting

Global Sugar Cane Reports by M.I. Langton (MSc ENG)
Sugar Cane Ergonomics Report by the Rhodes Universty South Africa
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