ESM Ennepetaler Schneid- und Mähtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Köner Str. 29
D 58256 Ennepetal

ESM Ennepetaler Schneid-& Mähtechnik GmbH u. Co. KG

has been founded October 1st, 1974.

Already the company’s founders, while maintaining its world-famous quality, pursued the goal of working with the degree of innovation. The results of this determination include, as of today, the following new developments and internal structure components, which have for the whole industry and have also to a large part been patented: 

Bi-Directional Cutting System (patented)
Modular Agricultural Cutting Unit for a Working Machine (patented)
ESM SickleSword® Technologie (Patent)
Long-stroke Double-blade Cutting Technolgy – (patented)
DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 certification
Innovative blade braking system under EN 12733
Hand-guided flail mower – (patented))
DIN EN ISO 9001 certification
Pivoting knife guide – (patented)
Double section – (patented)

In 1994 ESM took over the area of double-knife cutting technology from BUSATIS-Werken in Hückeswagen. This acquisition represented an ideal expansion of the existing product line and proved to be a milestone in the company’s development.

Because of this acquisition, ESM is Europe’s market leader in the field of oscillating mowing technology – and the global market leader in the field of double-knife technology. ESM’s design and development department is in constant dialogue with industrial customers and OEMs in order to support them in the development of mowing and cutting systems. Through this close partnership, time-tested over 30 years, optimal inter-coordination for the mowing machinery can be achieved.

For ESM, working together to solve problems in response to requests from industrial and commercial partners is simply part of day-to-day business. Thus, the broad spectrum of highly varied cutter bars and cutting systems covers a range of working widths from 0.60 to 8.00 meters.

Regarding sales, ESM is clearly focused on supplying partners in industry and wholesale.

At the 1998 International Garden Trade Fair in Cologne, a new product line of hand-guided flail mowers was presented to the public, featuring hydrostatic traction drive and cutting widths from 70 to 85 cm. This marked the first step in the development of rotating cutting technology.

Following the company’s philosophy that a technological leader can only maintain and secure its position based on ground-breaking new developments, the Exakt flail process was developed and patented.

The central aim of all ESM developments in the field of flail technology lies in designing trendsetting machinery that simultaneously features the lowest possible power consumption with the highest possible wear resistance and ease of maintenance.

In this way, in 2002 ESM’s engineers achieved their technical masterpiece: the innovative VERTI-2-FLAIL® cutting system, which was first presented to the public at the 2002 GaLaBau trade fair in Nuremberg, receiving an Innovation Medal as an award.

With VERTI-2-FLAIL®, completely new groups of machines and users have opened up for ESM.More on this can be found in the product introduction on this website.

easyFlail ® represents a revolutionary process in reference to the straw chopping managed in combine harvesters. In close cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf the easyFlail ® technology has been developed and finally patented in 2005. Another milestone on the ESM agenda.

The “Long-stroke Double-blade Cutting Technolgy” has to be recognized as a living proof, that traditional technologies - like sickle bar cutting - still contain options with a view to further fundamental development steps. As R&D project intitiated the “Long-stroke Double-blade Cutting Technolgy” is actually representing an essential foundation for several special cutting applications. The innovative technology has been honoured by patent protection in 2006.

The ESM CaneThumper® brought ESM into a position to extend the company's international business activities significantly. Today, there is still close to 75% of the sugarcane fields harvested by hand which is a very strenuous job! The ESM CaneThumper® represents the only mechanical harvesting solution, besides the chopper harvester technology, that has proven itself with it's high cutting efficiency while working in sugarcane areas around the world. A genius concept, which has been honoured by a global patent protection in 2008.