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The VERTI-2-FLAIL® Vertical Flail Technology System

VERTI-2-FLAIL® Cutting System

Specific features:Tempered knife carriers patented flail knives

Special features
Robust designFor professional use in the toughest conditions. Tempered knife carriers, armoured knife mount system.
Long service lifePatented ESM "VERTI-2-FLAIL®" cutting system , specialized swing-mounted knifes.
Minimal maintenanceQuick and simple knife change. Only two knives per knife carrier.
Lean constructionBest suited for special uses for example on roadside vegetation or public green areas.
Comfortable handlingWith the optional addition of the Saucer skid you get the simplest handling and best manoeuvrability.
Environmentally friendlyPower consumption 25 percent less than that of conventional flail technologies.
Work safelyIntegrated automatic knife brake, compliant to EN 12733 for walk behind tractors.
Precise mowing and mulchingThe ideal mowing equipment for mulching and fine mowing on extensively-use surfaces. No matter whether it’s grass care in gardening and landscaping, on roadsides, in orchards and vineyards, or in agriculture and forestry – wherever performance and robustness are required, VERTI-2-FLAIL® will show its strengths to the full. VERTI-2-FLAIL® guarantees an extremely clean cut, even in tall grass and brush or for cutting vines and saplings. Even branch thicknesses up to 50 mm pose no problem to the swing-mounted knife.
Sample applications

Verti-2-Flail - Überall Mähen und Mulchen

KommTek RoboFlail one

Niko RoboFlail one

RoboFlail One

optional accessory

-> Auxiliary PTO drive interface

-> Belt drive applications

-> Hydraulic motor drivese

-> Standard PTO driveshaft aplications

Driving types and attachments

Adaptation of the ESM VERTI-2-FLAIL® mounted mowing system can be achieved with

Technical data
Cutting width in cmWeight in kg min. power consumption requiredQuantity of knives each deck L x B x H in cm
VS-6565605,0 KW282 x 73 x 33
VS-8080885,5 KW2105 x 88 x 38
VS-12212213011,0 KW495 x 133 x 45

Our long years of experience in developing professional cutting and mowing technology were the basis for developing our new cutting system VERTI-2-FLAIL®. At the core of the VERTI-2-FLAIL® technology are exception cutting and mulching quality, compact design, professional robustness and durability, as well as minimal power consumption

Product information
Operation manuals Vertikal-Schlegel-Schneidwerk VS-65 und VS-809020960ba.pdf
Vertikal-Schlegelvorsatz VS-1229020976ba.pdf