ESM Ennepetaler Schneid- und Mähtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Köner Str. 29
D 58256 Ennepetal

Landscape Preservation

ESM bi-directional cutting system

Specific featuresGuide 267.0830 (332.2050 30mm bolts) Bar blades bolted to back of bar

Special features
Sturdy designFor professional use in gardening and landscaping.
Long service lifePatented ESM Carbodux® double knife blades, robust double bar blades.
Low maintenanceExactly bolted blade guides provide for easy maintenance and blade replacement.
Slim designFor special applications in thicket and fallen branches.
Working comfortMaintenance and service can be carried out in a few easy steps and without special knowledge, slim design and lightweight.
Environmentally friendlyLow energy consumption.
A clean cutThe ideal cutter for efficient operations and no dead runs. The combination of toothed bar blades and smooth mowing knife blades ensures a sharp, clean cut.
Sample applications

Truxor DM 5000 with ESM wettland cutting application

Technical data
Blade pitch50,9 mm
Working width1,90 m
Double strokes per minute600 - 800