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Finger Cutter Bars

Finger Cutter Bar Mulching "C" 111.4 ***

Specific features: Guide 267.0850 / outside Pivoting guide   Double finger 331.0300 outside / Double finger Mulching 331.0250

Finger Cutter Bar Medium Cut "C" 111. ****

Specific features: Guide 267.0840   Double finger 331.0300

Special features
Robust designFor professional use.
Long service lifePatented ESM Carbodux® knife sections.n.
Maintenance-friendlyFaster and simpler knife changes from the side by means of an up-tilting knife holder in the area of the mulching finger. Automatic adjustment of the guide clearance simply through folding down the knife holder and tightening the clamping screws.
Lean constructionIdeal for use in clean fodder harvesting for agriculture.
Comfortable handlingMaintenance and service with only basic skills and without special technical knowledge.
Environmentally friendlyLow power consumption – Protection of small organism.
Perfect mowingThe classic cutting equipment for professional agricultural use when it comes to cutting cleanly and harvesting clean fodder. Depending on application conditions, choose the type "Normal cut = finger pattern 76.2 mm" or "Medium cut = finger pattern 50.88 mm”. The Fine Cut type has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years. This special variant has fingers with a point and lip in the middle area, as well as a row of mulching fingers instead of outer shoes in order to avoid any danger of clogging when driving through previously mowed cuttings.
Optional accessoriesOuter shoes with swathe plate for optimal swathe formation.
Sample applications

KÖPPL Serie 500 mit Normalschnitt-Fingerbalken

Driving types and attachments

Tailored for customer-specific solutions.

Technical data
Long strokeShort stroke
Cutting width1,32 m to 1,92 m1,32 m to 1,92 m
Section pattern76,3 mm85 mm
Stroke85 mm55 mm
Double stroke count per 1 meter of mow path12 - 1418- 20
Double stroke count per minute8001050
Mowing speed3,2 - 3,6 km2,8 - 3,3 km
Power consumption per 1 meter of cut ting width2,5 - 3,0 kW2,5 - 3,0 kW
Product information
Operating manualsFinger Cutterbar Free cut / Medium cut / High cut9020120ba.pdf
Product informationNietsortimenteNietsortimente.pdf