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Universal Cutter Bar SC

Cutter Bar Universal "SC" 102.****

Specific features:Bar section riveted to the barback  Pivoting guide 332.2180

Special features
Robust designFor consumer and semi-professional use
Long service lifePatented ESM Carbodux® double-knife sections, robust double bar sections
Minimal maintenancePivoting knife guides for simple maintenance and simple knife changes. Automatically precise setting of the guide clearance when folding down the knife guides
Lean constructionPatented ESM Carbodux® double-knife sections, robust double bar sections
Comfortable handlingMaintenance and service with only basic skills and without special technical knowledge – standard edge protection.
Environmentally friendlyLow power consumption – Protection of small organism.
Mow anythingThe ideal cutting machine for long-standing vegetation. Mows easily through un-cleared and rotten cuttings. Does not clog up!
Optional accessoriesAdjustable skids and weight skids
Sample applications

Universalmähbalken SC _2

Universalmähbalken SC_1

Driving types and attachments
Technical data
Long strokeShort stroke
Cutting width0,66 m to 1,98 m0,66 m  to 1,98 m
Section pattern50,9 mm50,9 mm
Double stroke count per 1 meter of mow path1420
Double stroke count per minute750 - 8501000 - 1100
Stroke85 mm55 mm
Power consumption per 1 meter of cut ting widthabout 2,8 - 3,2 kW2,5 - 3,0 kW
Product information
Operating manualsCutterbar Universal C / Hobby C9020050ba.pdf
Cutterbar Universal SC9020060ba.pdf
Eccentric Cutter Drive for Universal SC9020270ba.pdf
Product informationNietsortimente SCNietsortimente.pdf