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SickleSword®: Technical Data & Further Informations

The ESM logo_sicklesword high performance double blade cutting technology!

Cutting System Double Blade "bidux" 117. ****

Specific features: Top knife: Guide arm Bottom knife: Guide arm

Technical data
Double knife Cutting UnitESM
Cutting widthDepending on row spacing with a choice of 1.1 and 1.7m cutterbar lengths
Section Pattern80 - 96 mm
Section ExecutionESM CARBODUX® hardfaced
Cutting SpeedDepending on conditions from 0.8km/h - 4km/h
Power consumption per 1m of per 1m of cuttingmax. 3kw
Knife driving systemHeavy duty open pivot cutter drive, easy and simple to maintain, PTO shaft driving a hydraulic pump that powers the cutter drive
CarrierAny tractor with 540 rpm PTO and CAT1/2 rear lift linkage
Cutterbar Safety breakaway mechanismAutomatic spring release system
Transport SystemCable retaining cutterbar in vertical position
Cutterbar lifting systemManual or hydraulic depending on tractor Specs